Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter shares update on mixed-breed dog

Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter shared information about a mixed-breed dog available for adoption. She is a cheerful, sweet named Sonya, a dog of mixed breed Jack Russell.

They shared the information on their official social media account and mentioned in the statement, “Cheerful, sweet Sonya, a dog of mixed breed Jack Russell is looking for a home with the most loving owners.”

According to the animal shelter, she is about two years old, 38 cm in height, and weight is 15 kg. Sonya is a ray of sunshine: always sweet, kind and playful.

Sonya is very human-oriented and just loves her owner.

They further highlighted in the statement, ” This dog is just a dream for every family!!!!! Sonya is a healthy, active dog just like the Jack Russell breed.”

She walks well on a leash, is very obedient on walks and does not pull forward.

She gets along well with other dogs in the dog play area and can be the second dog in the family. Sonya can easily stay home alone while she waits for her master to come home from work, said Chance, Animal Shelter.

She tolerates road trips perfectly, and this is a dog you can take everywhere.
Sonya is a dog with no behavioural problems. The Animal Shelter highlighted that she is sterilized, chipped (with a Dutch registration) and has an international passport.

Sonya has already undergone a medical examination and is perfectly healthy.

Chance, Animal Shelter said, “We are looking for a family with children from 6 years old or a family with a second dog or just an active family who likes an active life and walks a lot.”

Preferably a house with a garden, so Sonya can walk and run to her heart’s content. Sonya now lives in Amsterdam, and you can come to visit her and take a walk.

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