Kevin De Bruyne takes Treble Trophy Tour to his hometown Ghent

Ghent, Belgium: Kevin De Bruyne was in Ghent, Belgium, his hometown, for a live Q&A with Geert De Vlieger as part of the Manchester City Treble Trophy Tour

Ghent: Natalia Anoshina appreciates Mayor ‘Matias de Klerk’ for aiding Ukrainian refugees

Ghent, Belgium: In order to intensify regional cooperation between Ukraine and Belgium, a working meeting between Temporary Trustee Natalia Anoshina and the Mayor of the city of Ghent 'Matias de Klerk' was held

Six-month old girl dies to injuries she sustained while staying at Ghent crèche

In Ghent, northwest Belgium, a six-month-old girl died because of the injuries she sustained while living in a port city crèche, and despite many...

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