Russian citizens held protest in front of Russian embassy in Uccle

Several hundred Russian citizens held a protest on Saturday in front of the Russian embassy in Uccle. The organization was indignant over what it referred to as “Russian terrorism,” which included the conflict in Ukraine and subsequent attacks on civilian targets.

Denis Kutuzov, the founder of the Russian Solidarity in Belgium organization, declared: “We are demonstrating against the Russian terrorist operations in Ukraine. “We demand that the army leave right away. We want to put a stop to the murder of Russian and Ukrainian citizens.”

The protesters immediately demanded a stop to military hostilities and a return to the negotiation table.

He shared the information that “Ukraine’s right to self-determination must be honoured.” He declared that it is crucial for voices like his to be heard. “We are exerting our best efforts to get our views heard. This war of terrorism is not universally favoured.”

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