Belgium: Liège to test anti-harassment app over assault of girls

In Liège, Belgium, an anti-harassment application will be tested by keeping in mind and highlighting the actions that take place during the nightlife activities.

Liège is a city along the Meuse River in Belgium where an 18-year-old girl was attacked in the middle of January month. Afterwards, the Workers’ Party of Belgium (PTB) had a conversation with the government to create and test anti-harassment applications that will help women when they will face such issues and assaults.

The local councillor of PTB in Liège, Céline Fassotte, mentioned in a statement, “The women have the freedom and right to be safe in our cities. The city should be safe for the females, strict measures should be taken in the city, and an action plan should be developed for the women seeking for help during danger.”

On Monday, during the meeting, Liège’s mayor Willy Demeyer said that the application created will be examined properly. Additionally, the entire city is working on this concern for the safety of women and making a better environment for them. The city has already executed several actions in the fight against street harassment cyber-harassment, “But also against all the states of violence that women used to face.”

There are some of the cities where already such kinds of apps are implemented for women’s protection. Fassotte further explained, “When a woman is in danger, she opens the application in her mobile phone, the app automatically shares the location to the police authorities, track safe places, send message to the family and friends.”

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