Rising Wildfires around EU nations forces government to declare state of emergency

At least five nations have declared states of emergency or red warnings as wildfires, fueled by the hot conditions, burn all over France, Portugal, Spain and Greece.

In the previous week, over 31,000 people have been displaces from their homes due to the fire in the Gironde region of Southwestern France.

The weather is surpassing the record of the maximum temperature has noticed that it is growing more serious this week and has prompted concerns more than infrastructure problems such as melting roads, widespread power outages and warped train tracks.

Various areas in France have experienced record-breaking temperatures that approached or surpassed 100 degrees Fahrenheit, as per the national weather forecaster. In Britain, where few homes have air conditioning, the highest temperature has also reached nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit, falling just below the national record.

Moreover, the climate change has made heat waves and droughts more common, intense and widespread. Dry and hot conditions also exacerbate wildfires, which have grown more destructive in recent years. And lower nighttime temperatures that typically provide critical relief from the hot days are fading away as the earth is getting warm.

The Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of Spain mentioned on Monday that he had visited areas impacted by wildfires in the western region of Extremadura. “Climate change kills people, our ecosystem and what is most precious to us,” Sánchez stated.

At least 350 people have died in Spain from high temperature at the time of past week, according to estimates by Spain’s Carlos ||| Health Institute. In Portugal, health officials mentioned that nearly 240 individuals died in the first half of July because of the high temperature, which reached 117 degrees Fahrenheit earlier in the month.

Furthermore, the United Kingdom, the train service was limited amid concerns that the rails would buckle in the heat. The Met Office of UK, for the first time ever, issued a red warning for heat, its most extreme alert. And Wales, as per to the Britain’s national weather service.

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