France announces about monkeypox preventive vaccination campaign for vulnerable groups

The health minister of France made an announcement on Friday about a preventive vaccination campaign for the most vulnerable groups to curb an outbreak of the monkeypox epidemic following the confirmation of the 721 cases has been made by the public health authority.

Meanwhile, Francois Braun said the campaign would be going to start next week for at-risk groups, including the male who has sex with other males as well as those who have multiple partners.

He took it to Twitter, adding, “We will organize ourselves so that it can be available, for those who wish, from the beginning of next week.”

Earlier, the vaccine jabs were administered only to those who were infected and contact cases, including health care workers in France.

The announcement is in recommendation with the decision of the High Authority for Health (HAS) to pass on vaccination to vulnerable groups to “curb the threat of contamination for people at high risk of exposure,” as cases are spiking and “the disease is progressing favourably.”

It further added, “A preventive vaccination will be offered to the groups most exposed to the virus, including the men who have sex with other men and trans people who have several other partners as well, people associated with prostitution, professionals working in places of consumption sexual.”

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