Group of citizens’ collectives handed over manifesto, 40,000 signatures to Brussels PM

Europe: A group of citizens’ collectives handed more than a manifesto and 40,000 signatures to Brussels Prime Minister Rudi Vervoort on Monday, denouncing the loss of biodiversity in the capital and demanding a moratorium on destroying natural sites.

A maximum of 26 citizens and nature association have signed the manifesto, including Tuiniersforum Des jardiniers, Sanvons la Friche Josaphat, Save Donderberg, Red de Mijlemeers, Marais Wielsmoors, Comité de quartier Mediapark and Sauvegardons Neerpede.

Together they adopt a common position to protect Brussels’ biodiversity and demand a moratorium on the destruction of natural areas, as they see no improvement in terms of spatial development in the Brussels region. Nature in Brussels in deteriorating, they say, which contributes to the global climate problem.

“Space and trees are disappearing everywhere and ultimately there is not enough left to keep the city liveable in terms of temperature, wattage regulation, and nature conservation. Something has to change in that logic,” Christina Gens of Tuiniersforum Des jardiniers highlighted.

“I invite you to take a look at the condition of the trees that have been planted over the past five to six years,” she further mentioned to the statement.

In the manifesto, the citizens’ collectives set various other demands such as “demineralising” densely built-up areas, limiting access to biodiversity hotspots, as well as strict and definitive protection for living soils, which may no longer be paved.

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