Police to join “speed camera marathon” on Wednesday across Belgium

The Federal Road Police and the Local Police will join forces as part of a so-called “speed camera marathon” on Wednesday in Belgium, for the second time this year, when it will check the speed of drivers across the country.

The number of people driving vehicles who broke the speed limit on roads of Belgium in 2021 reached a new record, as well as in the previous month, the number of drivers caught speeding in the nation in the first eight months of 2022 already surpassed the number registered during the last year as a result of increased road checks.

Along with this, the number of deaths as a result of traffic accidents increased dramatically, and road safety, as well as cracking down on such offences, has increasingly become the main focus.

The police officials’ points will be set up all over various roads (motorways as well as secondary roads) all over the nation from 6:00 in the morning on Wednesday to check the speed of drivers at the time of the course of 24 hours. Over 100 local police zones and the Federal Police will carry out the “intensive speed checks.”

A Federal Police statement mentioned in the statement, “With this announced action, the police mainly want to encourage drivers to drive slower. So keep this in mind as well as stick to the speed limits. As a reminder, during the previous edition in March 2022, a whopping 3.82 percent of drivers checked were speeding.”

Furthermore, in the nation, speeding is one of the main causes of fatal road traffic accidents, which is why the Federal Police organises a wide range of permanent prevention as well as control actions to tackle these violations.



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