COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet: Vandenbroucke

The Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke stated on Tuesday, March 22, the COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet, and no one can deny that Belgium is going to face trouble again after the summer.

The Federal Health Minister needs a legal structure for the usage of the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) to be introduced as soon as possible. The planned discussion in the Consultative Committee after the Easter holidays can still be used in the future.

He further mentioned, “COVID-19 is not over yet. The fact that we are in a very manageable situation for a few months now does not mean that we will not be in stormy weather after the summer.”

Along with this, Vandenbroucke mentioned, on Tuesday, March 22, the cases of the people that are getting affected by the COVID-19 infection and it is too soon to cheer for the decrease in infection case again “an important history lesson that we should remember from the past.”

In addition, Vandenbroucke drew attention to the pressure that may come to light on health care centres and called for solidarity. he stated, “The new increase in the number of infections is not explosive, so there is no reason to panic.”

Moreover, there is a lot of circulation of the variant of the COVID-19 infection, with the current rise in admissions in the hospitals. The maximum number of people that have been admitted is also creating more pressure while the flu is present as well as present in the hospitals are still catching up on postponed care.

Furthermore, Vandenbroucke also called on the population for a more positive view of certain easy tools to fight the virus, including wearing a facial mask in the maximum number of places.

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