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Defying all odds, The Punjabi athletes

The rise of Punjabi athletes in international sports in recent years has been remarkable, showcasing their resilience and spirit despite facing numerous challenges. Punjabi athletes have broken barriers and significantly impacted the global stage, serving as role models and a source of inspiration for young Punjabis.

India: Dipa Ma, famous Buddhist meditation expert transforming lives worldwide

Thimphu [Bhutan]: People worldwide who want to learn about meditation go to a small apartment in Kolkata that belongs to Dipa Ma, a famous Buddhist meditation expert. She transformed the lives of many people around the world through her amazing journey.

India’s Chenab Rail Bridge: World’s Tallest Railway Bridge at 359m, Surpasses Eiffel Tower

The media has bestowed distinct acknowledgement upon India's remarkable engineering proficiency for the construction of the Chenab Rail Bridge in Jammu and Kashmir, which is currently the world's tallest railway bridge. The said bridge spans a height of 359 metres above the Chenab River, surpassing the height of the Eiffel Tower by 35 metres.

Bill Gates hails Indian PM Modi’s monthly radio address ‘Mann Ki Baat’

India: India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his gratitude to the co-founder and philanthropist of Microsoft, Bill Gates for his words of appreciation in PM Modi's monthly radio address 'Mann Ki Baat".

Operation Kaveri: 40 more Indians evacuated from Sudan

New Delhi: The situation in Sudan is intense, and yesterday's eighth flight, A C-130 Indian Airforce plane, came to India carrying 40 Indians. The number of evacuated India increased and reached 2,300, said Indian External Minister Jaishankar.

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