Omicron unfolds persistence of Europe’s public healthcare system

A World Health Organization official has released a warning of “closing window of opportunity” for European nations to stop their health care system from being overwhelmed as the omicron-new variant of COVID-19 has made an up growth in coronavirus infection.

There are countries that included comparatively vigorous national health programs such as France, Britain and Spain, and the window is closed already.

The director of the Strasbourg hospital intensive care unit is making the patients stay away. In the London hospital, a surgeon mentioned about, they have postponed a man’s cancer diagnosis. There was a system collapse in Spain as most of the medical officials were affected by the new variant of COVID-19 Omicron.

The Strasbourg University Hospital in eastern France where the doctor who works at the ICU, Dr Julie Helms, said, “There is the majority of the individuals who are in a critical situation, and they are not infected with the COVID-19 variant, we are not able to admit them due to this issue.”

It has been two years as this pandemic is going on, Omicron still the most highly contagious, is putting a significant impact on the public service of different types, the new variant of COVID-19 has a straight effect on the health care workers, this has made the shortage in the hospitals of the employees and nurses as it is imperative to provide equal care to everyone.

As per the Experts, there are some health systems that have the ability to create flexibility adequately to work on the concern like the COVID-19 before it occurred. At the same time, reoccurring infection surges have kept the rest too restless to implement updates during the long emergency.

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