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Brussels: Significant surge in COVID cases raises need for further research

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently performed modelling that demonstrated a large rise in the number of people in Brussels, Europe.

Over 60% of Europeans are overweight or obese, says WHO

Majority of the European people are facing the issue of being overweight or obese, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

WHO to organize for supporting health care in Ukraine

The World Health Organization is going to organize activities for supporting the health care in Ukraine from Lviv in the Western part of the nation while the attacks against the health care system continue.

UK plans to ease all COVID-19 restrictions for incoming travellers

The individuals who have decided to get entry in the United Kingdom will be free from obeying the entry restriction which was imposed due to the COVID-19 after the authorities have declared that all of the remaining measures are going to relax.

COVID-19 cases are decreasing at fast pace in EU, says ECDC

The European Center for Disease Prevention & Control - (ECDC) depicts the information that the situation is improving gradually. The cases of the COVID-19 tends to decrease rapidly within the European Union, mainly in some of the nations.

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