MEP Elena Kountoura participates at World Knowledge Forum 2022 in Seoul

During her visit to Seoul-South Korea, the European Parliament member (MEP), Elena Kountoura, took part as a guest at the World Knowledge Forum 2022 global meeting, where she had an interactive session with the delegations as well as the students.

Elena Kountoura shared an update through her official social media account, and she noted, “Guest of Seoul University and Dean Suh Soon-tak had the pleasure to participate as a speaker and discuss with students about global priorities and challenges in sustainability in tourism.”

MEP Elena Kountoura also conducted meetings with the Unification Minister of the Republic of Korea, Kwon Young-se, in which they discussed the role of the European Union in the wider region.

She stated, “Meeting of our European Parliament delegation #DKOR with the Unification Minister of the Republic of Korea Kwon Young-se, where we discussed the role of the EU in enhancing stability in the wider region and internationally.”

Moreover, she also participated as a guest at the World Knowledge Forum 2022 global meeting in Seoul, centred around the restoration of global prosperity as well as freedom.

Along with this, she mentioned in the statement, “Particularly interesting is the conversation with Seoul Mayor Oh Se-Hoon, where he talked about his vision for sustainable cities, and Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Minister of Tourism, Princess Haifa Al Saud, on sustainability in the travel sectors, of Tourism and Culture.”

At the time of her visit, she highlighted various initiatives, ways to mitigate the challenges in the Tourism industry, and many more.

Additionally, at the offices of the European Union Delegation in South Korea, they were welcomed by Ambassador Maria Castillo Fernandez, where they discussed bilateral relations as a part of their official mission in Seoul as members of the EP Delegation for relations with the Korean Peninsula.

MEP Elena Kountoura expressed, “Standing by every woman in Iran and in every corner of the earth who claims social justice and defends her fundamental right to life, liberty, dignity.”

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