Belgium: Key suspect in 4-year-old’s murder receives favourable regime

Brussels, Belgium: The primary suspect in the death of Dean Verberckmoes, 4, Dave De Kock, 35-year-old, had been treated well in Bruges jail. He is permitted to perform various tasks there, and his cell door is opened far more frequently than that of other prisoners.

The fact that De Kock has been given this position of trust causes concern for many other detainees in Belgium, according to many sources.

Along with this, the title of De Kock’s new job is section servant, or “fatik” in prison slang. According to Het Laatste Nieuws, he is permitted to carry out domestic duties like serving food and coffee and essentially becomes the jailers’ helper.

He serves as a confidant for the jail administration, which gave him this role. Typically, inmates who exhibit model behaviour are chosen for this position. He receives compensation for his cleaning work in the jail in Bruges, but it is not much: a section officer makes 180 euros per month.

Moreover, the Sint-Gillis-Waas resident, who is in his 30s, is being held on remand on charges related to the death and kidnapping of Dean Verberckmoes, a 4-year-old. De Kock and his girlfriend Romy W., who is also behind bars, knew the father of Dean, who was their acquaintance. On a Dutch shore, his body was discovered among some rocks.

De Kock was previously found guilty in 2010 of the death of a child.

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