Elena Kountoura outlines six major national priorities presented by Alexis Tsipras

The member of the European Parliament-Elena Kountoura, shared an update of Alexis Tsipras- Leader of the Official Opposition, about justice all around in society, economy, and state, during the National Palace of Culture. 

Alexis Tsipras is a Greek politician who is serving as Leader of the Official Opposition since 2019. He is a member of Syriza, which is a party over which he has presided since 2009, as well as has served as Prime Minister of Greece from 2015 to 2019.

Through his official social media, he outlined: 

Justice all around In society, economy, state

We are here to protect the right to work, to improve citizens‘ living standards, to reduce inequalities, to enable our homeland produce what it can, to put a barrier on the institutional and the going downhill to upgrade the position again of the country on the international geopolitical scene, so that everyone and everyone can feel safe again.

We’re here to bring back justice again. Everywhere. In society, in the economy, in the state.

To challenge in practice the threat of “anyone who does not adapt dies”.

With absolute certainty in where we want the country to go, we present you today the six major national priorities on which our program for the next four years is constructed, for the regeneration of our homeland.

With a philosophy that proposes the public interest in all aspects of government work. With a state guarantor of social cohesion, not an arbitrator of interests and cartel protector.

For the drastic reduction of energy bills:

– We are re-nationalizing PPC, reclaiming at least 51%. PPC returns from profiteering to its founding purpose of public benefit. Social tariffs, not profits for private shareholders to have dividends.

For the drastic reduction of fuel and food prices:

-We are reducing the EFK in fuel at the lowest EU rate.

-We abolish EFK’s payment to agricultural oil.

-We reduce VAT on food to 6%.

For the employees:

-We raise the minimum wage by law to 800 euros.

-We are establishing a mechanism of tariff adjustment on an annual basis, for salaries in the private and public sectors.

For the pensioners:

– We return retroactive, in three annual installments.

– We restore the 13th pension of 2019: full for pensions up to 500 euros and percentage for the higher climates.

For employees, retirees, farmers:

-We increase the tax-free to 10,000 euros.

-We establish a tax-free 10,000 euros for freelancers, scientists, merchants, workers with blocks.

For the small and medium students:

– Abolishing the end of scholarship.

– We are facing the explosive issue of private debt: The wealth of the middle class will no longer become north of interests.

– Looting receives a final end, with debt adjustment, part cancellation plus 120 installments.

About retrieving the job:

-We abolish Chatzidakis laws.

-We restore the arrangements for justified dismissal, 8 hours, basic principles of collective negotiations, statement of overtime hours.

-We are rebuilding SEPE.

-We gradually apply 35 hours without a reduction in wages.

To a brand new YOU:

-Recruitment of 5,500 permanent health workers and 10,000 in three years.

-We are making all health staff permanent.

-We stop the punitive suspension of work for health workers.

– Integration of everything in the heavy and unhealthy.

-First doctor’s salary at 2,000 euros.

For the sake of Public Education:

-We abolish the anti-education laws of the Government, including the minimum entry base and university police.

To the fair:

-We are legislating the term “femicide”.

-We legally shorten marriage for all persons.

-We abolish all criminal immunity that have been provided in recent years, with first being the immunity of bank employees.

For the EYP:

-Restoration to the responsibility of the Ministry of Civil Protection.

– Repeal of the developmental amendment that does not allow surveillance notification.

-We legislate the reasons of “national security”.

– Committee of Institutions and ADAE Participation in the appointment of the Administrator.

The answer to the demographic challenge:

-We restructure the child allowance and transfer it exclusively to the mother from birth to 24 years old, regardless of studies. And from her pension and then on to life.

-Mother’s allowance 70 euros for the first child, 105 euros for the second and 140 euros for the third.

We are hosting tomorrow empowering new couples:

We subsidize the rent for 400,000 young and young couples 24-44 years old, doubling the monthly subsidy:

-140 euro for a single household.

-280 euros for a couple with 1 child.

-350 euro for a couple with 2 children.

-An end to the uncontrollable expansion of Airbnb.


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