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Pro-Russian Influence Networks Under Investigation Ahead of EU Parliament Elections

Speaking on the matter, de Croo emphasized the significance of maintaining solidarity with Ukraine, asserting that weakened support for the nation plays directly into Russia's hands on the battlefield

EPM José Manuel Fernandes attends two-day Green Gas Mobility Summit in Madrid

Madrid, Spain: José Manuel Fernandes, the Portuguese journalist and Member of the European Parliament, informed through his social media account that yesterday he attended the two-day Green Gas Mobility Summit in Madrid

“Good academic results could be a ticket to Brussels”, states intergenerational group

An intergenerational group from the entire province visited Brussels and Bruges was invited by MEP Anna Fotyga to a conference at the European Parliament on "Security of Europe 15 years after the Russian invasion of Georgia" and stated that good academic results could be a ticket to Brussels not as MEPs, but as participants of a study visit to the European Parliament.

Ukraine: Roberta Metsola meets committees of Verkhovna Rada in video conference

Kyiv: The first meeting of the leadership and heads of the committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the European Parliament took place in the format of a video conference on April 12,2023.

European Parliament completes first plenary week of year

Europe: The European Parliament has completed its first plenary week of the year. Within the first plenary week, the European Parliament undertook the following activities:

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