Joe Biden calls his visit to Ireland “remarkable”

The United States President, Joe Biden, expressed his deep emotional connection to Ireland’s County Mayo during the final day of his visit to the country.

Addressing a massive crowd of tens of thousands of people, President Biden reinforced his pride in his family’s roots in the county, stating that it was now a part of his soul.


The President also highlighted the significance of the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, emphasizing the importance of peace. Notably, former President Bill Clinton arrived in Belfast on Friday night to attend events marking the 1998 peace accord.

During his speech, President Biden underlined his profound and long-standing bond with County Mayo. “Over the years, stories of this place have become part of my soul, part of my family lore,” he remarked. The President also expressed that he and his siblings were brought up with a strong sense of pride in their Irish ancestry.

Furthermore, he drew attention to the 1998 peace agreement that effectively ended three decades of unrest in Northern Ireland, pointing out that it served as a reminder of the power of collaboration towards a shared goal.

During his trip to Ireland, President Joe Biden also made a stop at the iconic Knock Shrine, located in County Mayo. The shrine is a popular pilgrimage site that attracts millions of visitors each year. He took a tour of the shrine and met with local religious leaders. He also lit a candle in memory of his late son Beau, who was a devout Catholic.


The visit to the Knock Shrine was a significant moment for American President Biden, who has spoken publicly about the comfort he finds in his faith during difficult times.

The president’s visit was met with excitement and enthusiasm from the local community, many of whom lined the streets to catch a glimpse of hi

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