Hospitality venues impose the fine of €750 for not obeying COVID-19 rules

In Belgium, the majority of the hospitality venues, including bars and restaurants have been scanned at the time of the fifth wave of the Coronavirus wave from 16 December to 8 February have got a €750 fine due to not obeying the rules and regulations that were made to protect the people from the COVID-19 variant.

Moreover, it has been decided by the Belgium authorities the restrictions related to the hospitality sector will be eased as the code red will be switched to code orange on the COVID barometer in the coming Friday. The data that is shared by the Federal Public Health Service related to the current situation has a significant impact on the current regulation.

Along with this, the main concern is the shortage of CO2 meters which is around 32 percent of the cases, and on the other hand, the number of individuals wearing the facial masks is 18 percent of the cases, which is reported as 18 percent.

The owners of the organisations have been charged with a €750 fine as they violated the regulations.

There is 50 percent of the inspected businesses were fully respectful with all of the measures, which includes face masks, CO2 meters, sufficient ventilation and hand hygiene measures.

On the previous Friday, the Consultative Committee made the decision that the code orange of the COVID barometer will come into account from 18 February, which states that the number of ease for bars and the restaurant particularly.

Meanwhile, the midnight closing of the discotheques and the nightclubs will be dropped, and it will not be mandatory for the customers to bring a facial mask with them. The maximum number of people that are approved on a single table will no longer be required at is was of limited six people.

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