Belgium: Doctors demands to deliver vaccines to GPs and restore consultations

In Belgium, the Association of Medical Unions (ABSyM) has publicly declared this it is wrong that the administrative and institutional red tape is making the doctors stop vaccinating the patients.

The administrator of ABSyM, named Dr David Simon, mentioned in a statement, “Deaf to our repeated requests, the Federal Agency for Medicines and the Health Products(FAMHP) refuses to supply the general practices with vitals of the coronavirus vaccines.”

Along with this, the General Practitioners have to stop the continuous progress of the consultations from going to the pharmacy in person, particularly at the time when they do not work in practice with the administrative team.

The initial barrier to the vaccination against COVID-19 is supported by the other provision linked to the institutional distribution of matters, including regional for vaccination federal for the rest.

Simon mentioned, “The Health Care and Compensation Insurance (INAMI) has added the banning for the GPs to request a refund for a consultation devoted exclusively to this vaccination against the COVID-19 variant.”

ABSyM said, “Everything that appears to be organised to prevent GPs from vaccinating against the COVID infection, while a communication campaign requests their patients to ask them to be vaccinated.”

Along with this, the ABSyM, which had already highlighted the issue till the end of September month 2021, it is asking that containers of the COVID injection shots be delivered to GP practices that have made the request.

Furthermore, the union has asked that the consultations for coronavirus vaccination be reimbursed similarly to consultations for other vaccines.

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