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We must follow guidelines and remain careful as COVID cases are on rise in Belgium: Vlieghe

In Belgium, the cases of the COVID-19 variant show an upward trend. The majority of the rules and regulations have been relaxed, the infectious disease expert and chair of the GEMS expert group Erike Vlieghe has warned the individuals about the situation and mentioned following the restrictions.

1 out of 30 is migrant and at forefront of fight against COVID-19: UN

Around 1 out of 30 people globally is a migrant, as well as the majority of them, have been at the lead for defeating...

Hospitality venues impose the fine of €750 for not obeying COVID-19 rules

In Belgium, the majority of the hospitality venues, including bars and restaurants have been scanned at the time of the fifth wave of the...

Covid-19 outbreak: Georgia reports 15712 new cases

In Georgia, there are around 15,712 individuals that have been infected with the COVID-19 variant over the previous 24 hours on Monday, February 14,...

Belgium to provide booster vaccination dose to younger ones:Reports

In Belgium, the authorities have yet decided to provide booster vaccination shots against the COVID-19 variant to the younger ones, as per the information...

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