Greece has most expensive gasoline in entire EU, says Eurostat

Greece: The country in southeastern Europe with thousands of islands is now the most expensive gasoline in the European Union, according to the official statement by Eurostat.

SY.RIZ.A. shared the official post of Alexis Charitsis- Former Minister of the Interior of Greece, in which he noted:


The government of Mitsotakis cartels subsidy policy costs too much to Greek consumers and costs too much to Greek society. Moreover, a change in policy is needed urgently.

“This is why political change is not more important than ever. My statement to the Peristilio of Parliament about Greece’s lead at the European level in gasoline prices.”

On the other hand, Alexis Charitsis is a member of SY.RIZ.A. shared another update in which he mentioned 17 of November, “We will all, and all be there.

To honour the people who stood up to the military dictatorship and defeated fear and suppression.”

Why Resistance is the moral choice in difficult times.

To keep alive the inverted brilliance of the Polytechnic in the stubbornness of those who want us to forget.


Because Memory is a battle for Democracy.

To demonstrate under the great flag of human Solidarity for Dignity, Equality, and Justice.

Because the Fight for a better future never ends.

Democracy will win Contemporary Social History Archives.

Along with this, recently, at the Exhibition of the Peloponnese Chambers, ” “Peloponnese Expo” tonight in Argos.

The violent restructuring that is currently contributing to the economy at the expense of small and medium businesses cannot continue.

Along with this, there is a progressive way out.

Cartel’s speculation must be crushed – The country’s productive base must be strengthened.








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