Germany: People gathers on streets to protest against government’s COVID-19 policies

In Germany, due to the COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the authorities to curb the spread of contagious mutants. More than tens of thousands of individuals were protesting in Hamburg against the government authorities, according to the information provided by the sources.

As per the local police, on January 15 in the Barmbek district of Hamburg, there were over 3,300 protesters assembled.

The majority of the demonstrators were not following the rules and regulations against the COVID-19 variant as they were not maintaining social distancing. The individuals were not wearing masks, as mentioned in the report by Deutsche Welle. All the people were chanting slogans of anti-vaccination and anti-quarantine.

At the beginning of January month, there were around 45,000 people on the roads in Germany for the protest against the restrictions made by the government on January 8. Moreover, more than 14,000 anti-vaccination protestors were also walking via downtown Hamburg.

Earlier in January, the government of Germany has bolstered the regulations of the COVID-19 outbreak as they have made it compulsory for the people to get the inoculation shots against the coronavirus infection for the grown-ups.

As per the information, the police reported that had been provided by the Deutsche Welle that there were over
Seven thousand individuals in Dusseldorf were fighting against the decision of the officials to make it compulsory to take the vaccination jabs.

Meanwhile, over 2,500 individuals protested against the conspiracies connected to the vaccinations.
Simultaneously, the people were marching against the nation’s protocols of COVID-19.

Additionally, hundreds of demonstrators were protesting against the restrictions that were implemented in the cities of Germany.

The objective of the government of Germany in the middle of the fifth wave of the COVID-19 is to fully vaccinate 80 per cent of the residents by the end of the month of January because of the spread of the new variant of the COVID-19 Omicron.

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