Imran Khan supporters protesting outside UN in Geneva

Geneva [Switzerland]: On Monday, an influential group of supporters of Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, gathered in front of the UN office in Geneva to bring attention to the human rights violations in Pakistan.

Belgian trade unions hold protest outside Philippine embassy against human rights violation

Various groups, trade unions, and Filipino organizations hold a protest in front of the Philippine embassy to highlight the human rights.

Brussels citizens gather for peaceful protest against tensions in Ukraine

In Brussels, on Sunday, March 13, a maximum of 350 individuals were assembled at the place de l'Albertine (Albertinaplein) for a peaceful protest against the tensions going on in Ukraine.

Brussels: Thousands protest against spike in energy prices

In Brussels, on Sunday, thousands of individuals came to the streets in the afternoon to give their participation in the demonstration which was held by the far-left PVDA party, and it was considered to be against the high energy prices and the response of the government towards the current situation.

Brussels: People gathers on the streets protest against COVID-19 regulations

On Sunday, Jan 23, there was a protest going on in Brussels. Thousands of marchers gathered on the streets against the anti-coronavirus regulations made...

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