Germany: People took it to the streets to protest against COVID-19 outbreak

On Monday, in Germany, most of the individuals were on the streets to protest against the COVID-19 outbreak. The count of the people was around tens of thousands. They all were on the road at night for releasing their frustration among the nation’s COVID-19 infection measures.

In the streets of Berlin, Cologne, Cottbus and Rostock, along with other places across Germany, people were on the protest, it became an everyday event as there were lots of people.

The maximum number of individuals who have been followed brandished signs and banners to show that they are not in favour of making the vaccination compulsory for all the people. As per the estimation based data provided by the police, there was an average count of 70,000 individuals who has attended the demonstrations globally.

The huge crowd was in the side of the northern port city of Rostock, and the eastern towns of Cottbus and Bautzen, with the maximum number of individuals, were not using facial masks and was not following social distancing.

The state police have participated in both Rostock and Bautzen as they were visiting there. The police called off various events in which people gathered together as they were not registered and did not follow the proper rules and regulations for health and protection.

Meanwhile, most of the demonstrations were tranquil. According to the figures shared by the police department, in Thuringia, there were almost 21,000 people on the roadways for the protest. On the other hand, more than 14,000 people were on the path in the state of Bavaria as they partook in the rallies due to the continuous increase in the new variant of COVID-19 Omicron in Germany.

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