Brussels Celebrates 35th Anniversary with Spectacular Iris Festival Weekend

Promising a "well-filled, varied, and surprising program," the festivities are set to captivate residents and visitors alike with a plethora of cultural, musical, and interactive events

Rising Cocoa Prices Challenge Belgian Chocolate Industry Ahead of Easter

Lafargue notes that the price hike poses a significant challenge for chocolate artisans and manufacturers alike. With cocoa being a fundamental ingredient in chocolate production, any fluctuations in its price directly impact the cost of manufacturing chocolate products

Dour Festival 2024 Lineup Almost Complete: Unveils Exciting Collaborations and Diverse Acts

With genres ranging from electronic to hip-hop, rock to experimental, Dour offers something for every musical palate, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive experience for all attendees

Direct Flights Between Brussels and Shanghai Set to Resume This Summer

Hainan Airlines, already facilitating daily flights from Brussels to Beijing and thrice-weekly services to Shenzhen, aims to bolster connectivity between Belgium and China by introducing "double-daily" flights

Top Picks: Must-Try Bars for Students in Brussels

With its renowned beer and large student population, Brussels offers numerous options for a vibrant night out. Students often favor pubs and neighborhoods known for their great location, lively ambiance, and affordability

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