German Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann wants Ukraine to win war

Marco Buschmann mentioned in his official statement that it is important that war-torn Ukraine wins this ongoing war for stability and serenity.

Germany: Olaf Scholz speaks with UAE authorities on energy supplies

After meeting with the Saudi crown prince on Saturday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz travelled to the United Arab Emirates on Sunday.

Germany ensures basic protective measures against COVID during autumn and winter

The cabinet of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz approved legislation on Wednesday that ensured basic protective measures against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ten Russians aircraft still stuck in Germay: Reports

At least ten aircraft owned and controlled by Russia are still stuck in Germany, almost six months after the closure of the European Union airspace.

Putin waging war against “Unity Of Europe”, says German President.

During his speech in the Western German city of Paderborn, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier called the war initiated by Russian President.

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