Zara Rutherford becomes the youngest women pilot to travel around world alone

In Belgium, on January 17 on 2022, a 19-year-old pilot named Zara Rutherford will land her shark sport aircraft in Kortrijk. As -per the data provided, she travelled for a maximum of 150 days. She is one of the youngest females to travel around the world alone.

Previously a pilot named Shaesta Waiz had accomplished the goal when he was 30-year-old from the United States. The 19-year-old belongs to the family of the pilots. The British-Belgian pilot received her licence in 2020. Rutherford prepared for this journey by spending almost 130 hours alone in the flight for the initial time.

The pilot has recently completed her A-Levels in Mathematics. Meanwhile, she is preparing herself to pursue a degree in Mathematics, Economics and Physics for Computer Science at the university. While setting the benchmark, she hoped to motivate the girls and women to work on their future careers in STEM- Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. According to the figures provided by the officials, the rate of female pilots is only 5 percent of the commercial pilots, as well as the percentage of women computer scientists is 15 percentage.

On August 18 2021, the aviator Zara Rutherford left the Belgium nation by covering an approximately 32,000 miles journey towards the west. Ms Rutherford has already completed her journey to the maximum number of 50 nations which involves, Greenland, Colombia, the United States and South Korea, as well as five other continents.

Apart from this, when she was travelling towards Siberia, a light was disturbing her as she was unable to concentrate. She also shared the information that China has rejected the approval noticing the cases of the COVID-19, by which she felt bothersome because, at that point of time, she was inside the place around 6,000 feet of the difference.

After getting this experience, she now wanted to become an astronaut.

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