German recommends second booster shots for people at high risk against COVID

In Germany, the vaccination commission has instructed about the second shot of the booster for the individuals among the COVID-19 who are at risk, which mainly includes the people who are around the age of 70-year-old or with the people who are suffering from immunodeficiencies.

On Thursday, the experts of the vaccination commission, the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO), was introduced following the vaccination shots of the fourth wave variant of the COVID-19 or the second dose of the vaccination jabs for the individuals who are suffering from the situation and they are at risk condition.

The people who are 70-year-old and over with immunodeficiency, as well as the individuals who used to live in the health care facilities and the workers of the care and medical facilities, should be provided with the fourth dose of the vaccine.

Furthermore, the STIKO claimed that the protection and safety that the current vaccine has provided is to defeat the COVID-19 variant, which means that the second booster shot after six months, including the vaccine available in Germany, would provide support to the most weaker section.

Additionally, the Health minister of Germany, Karl Lauterbach, received the decision which is right and declared it as an appropriate step for the safety and the protection of the older people and the patients at risk.

The minister further mentioned, “However, the first vaccines and the booster shots should continue to be our preference.”

On Thursday, the head of STIKO, Thomas Mertens, mentioned, “The new data from Israel that depicts the information that the fourth dose can deliver a small advancement in the protection against the infection, as well as the protection, will be provided from a severe condition of infection.”

Moreover, the various companies of pharmaceutical, including Moderna as well as BioNTech of Germany, mentioned that they would create a new shot of the vaccination that will be more effective against the variant of COVID-19.

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