12-year-old girl survives failed kidnapping attempt in Brussels

In the previous week, an incident took place in the Tram of Brussels, a man tried to kidnap a 12-year-old girl, the passengers controlled the kidnapping attempt. The public prosecutor’s office is working on this act to investigate the whole scene.

As per the information provided by the sources, on Tuesday, an unidentified man allegedly tried to abduct a small girl at the Lemonnier pre-metro stop at 16:30 nearby the Brussels Midi Station.

The spokesperson Willemien Baert mentioned the verification provided by the office of the public prosecutor that there is an inquiry going on related to the incident on the crime scene. They are looking for the evidence, “We are working on this on a serious note, but as we are looking forward to the information, we are not able to share much information at this current moment.”

During the interview, the people standing nearby said the 12-year-old with her friend was sitting on the tram carriage, and afterwards, she gave up her seat to the other passenger. After all this, a man came near her and touched her necklace.

Additionally, at the next stop, the man tried to pull that girl with him, but there were people who wanted to stop him, and they ensured that the man could not get back inside the tram again.

After this incident took place, the man ran out and was not found yet.

As per the information provided by the passengers, his height was about 1.75 m, and he was with a dark colour scarf around his arm. At the Midi Station, the girl got off the tram and was waiting for her parents with one of the individuals who were available during that act.

The complaint has been filed by the parents of the incident in the Federal Railway Police.

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