Italy to accept unlimited COVID-19 green pass after booster jab

On 3rd January, Wednesday, Italy has confirmed that the vaccination pass will not be applied for the individuals who have got the vaccination booster shots.

On Twitter, the prime minister’s office has tweeted about the cabinet meeting, “The validity of the green pass will be unlimited for the individuals who had three doses or two shots of vaccination as well as have already had COVID-19.”

Moreover, on Wednesday, as per the report, “After the initial vaccination cycle is completed, then the individual will be able to acquire the booster shot.” This is also applicable for the people who have received only one shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The validity for the six months time period of Italy’s green pass, which was introduced on Tuesday, 1st February, can only be applied to people who have already received the two doses of vaccination.

There are travellers from various nations with different vaccination rules as compared to Italy, as well as the people who will not be able to show the valid ID proof of the vaccination and will now use the basic green pass, which will only be available with the negative test results.

Before the vaccination pass was mandatory, but at this current moment, the individuals would be provide access to hospitality venues, including hotels and restaurants.

Italy admits the proof of the proper vaccination in any nation as it will all be provided in the vaccination certificate or known as the ‘super’ green pass.

The vaccination that individuals acquire should be approved by the European or Italian medicines agency as well as they must meet the standards that will be identified as valid.

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