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Wallonia autumn vaccination campaign against Covid-19 to begin on Sep 5

Wallonia’s autumn vaccination campaign against COVID-19 will begin the week of September 5. Regional Health Minister Christie Morreale made the announcement on Friday.

France announces about monkeypox preventive vaccination campaign for vulnerable groups

The health minister of France made an announcement on Friday about a preventive vaccination campaign for the most vulnerable groups to curb an outbreak of the monkeypox epidemic following the confirmation of the 721 cases has been made by the public health authority.

Belgian Health Ministers encourage people for getting jabs for protection against COVID

All the seven Belgium Health Ministers have jointly encouraged those with reduced immunity to receive their double shot to protect themselves against the nation’s growing COVID-19 levels.

Germany to ease quarantine requirements for children incoming from highly affected nations

In Germany, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has made the statement that the nation will relax the COVID-19 entry restrictions for the young ones.

German recommends second booster shots for people at high risk against COVID

In Germany, the vaccination commission has instructed about the second shot of the booster for the individuals among the COVID-19 who are at risk,...

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