80% of the fully vaccinated people are protected against Omicron: Reports

In Europe, 80% of the fully inoculated people are protected from the Omicron variant.

As per the sources, southwestern European doctors and nurses have called off the regular evaluation of the person as they have given their preference to the individuals that are infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Moreover, during a frequent checkup, doctors are used to visiting the patient’s house, but this also has been cancelled.

In Spain, around 13,000 people are recorded that are infected from the COVID-19. A health economist at the Organisation that is Paris based for the Economic Cooperation and the Development, Caroline Berchet, said that in Europe, primary health care is not funded much. There is also a lack of staff members for such a long time.

A 39-year-old man in Madrid named Alberto Perez was suffering from a headache and minor cold symptoms that were the COVID-19 caused as he had a home test to discover his condition. He tried to call the health centres, but he did not get any response from there. He waited for the 3 hours to get checked after the appointment in the hospital emergency room. The workers provided no PCR test to him.

He is a game developer in Spain, mentioned, “In the hospitals, the nurse, while checking told that if taste and smell are normal, he is infected with the Omicron virus. Without any test and clarification, how a person can know?”

Meanwhile, during the current phase of the pandemic, primary health care services in Spain are overburdened by the people wanting tests, requiring medical certificates to excuse their absence from work.

The Omicron-new variant of COVID-19 has driven the recent surge in illness, while data shows it produces less-severe diseases than early variants.

In Europe, family doctors are often the first option to call for medical healthcare. Along with primary care nurses, they are seen as vital in helping to prevent illness, relieving hospital pressure, and providing continuity of care.

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