Austria to ease all COVID-19 restrictions from March 5

The government of Austria has rolled out all the COVID-19 protocols for the residents and the foreign travellers as they will no longer be required to obey the rules and regulations created against the COVID-19 variant for protection and safety.

After working in the current epidemiological situation as well as taking into account the rise in the rate of vaccination, the authorities of Austria has made the announcement that all of the measures will be relaxed.

Moreover, it has been mentioned that the only measure that will remain in place is the usage of the FFP2 masks when going to the essential shops as well as travelling in public transport.

According to the statement that has been made by the office of Austria travel portal, “On March 5, all COVID protection measures will be lifted except for mandatory FFP2 masks on public transports and in essential shops (supermarkets, post offices, banks, pharmacies).”

In the statement, it has been highlighted that all of the individuals will be able to get access to all kinds of accommodation, restaurants, cafes, cultural institutions, as well as leisure centers without showing a valid vaccination or recovery certificate.

However, the valid vaccination and the recovery certificate, including negative test results, will also not be needed at the time of visiting any hospitality venues or in public transport.

Along with this, from removing the domestic measures all over Austria, the authorities has made the declaration that the clubs will also ease up from the beginning of March 5.

Meanwhile, Austria now applies the “3-G-Rule” for entry into the nation. It means that all travellers who hold a valid certificate that proves that the holder has been recovered, vaccinated, or tested negative recently can take entry into Austria for travelling purposes.

Furthermore, the authorities mentioned, “To prove your “3-G” status, you can use the NHS Covid app or the EU Covid Pass. Printed versions and medical certificates of vaccination or recovery are also accepted.”







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