Belgium to provide booster vaccination dose to younger ones:Reports

In Belgium, the authorities have yet decided to provide booster vaccination shots against the COVID-19 variant to the younger ones, as per the information provided by the Flemish Health Minister, Wouter Beke.

According to the data provided by the Sciensano national health institute, on Monday, 17 January, around 63 per cent of individuals have got the vaccine booster jabs in Belgium.

The Health Minister mentioned, “If the Superior health council has shared a favourable recommendation with us, then we will immediately start providing the vaccination jabs to the individuals among the age of 12 to 17.”

According to the advice by the officials, further mentioned, “The vaccination centres are working at a rapid pace as well as this will be offered as soon as possible. ”

The Vaccination Taskforce, Dirk Ramaekers, said that the colossal amount of vaccination shots in the previous week of January was shared in Flanders. Meanwhile, the 72 per cent of the older citizens are fully vaccinated as they have got their third vaccination dose. There are an average of 56 per cent of the people vaccinated in Wallonia. The percentage of the fully inoculated people in the Brussels-Capital Region is 36 per cent.

According to the Ramaekers, the majority of the people who have received the third dose of the vaccine are the people who are already suffering from a weak immune system due to auto-immune disease, cancer and other health-related issues except for the children population.

He mentioned, “For the maximum number of the targeted people, this vaccination shot is imperative for most people. The vaccination provides proper strength to fight against the COVID-19 variant for weak immunity. Apart from this, if a person wants to be fully protected, they have to take all three doses of the vaccination jabs. After some passage of time, if they will be considered to have a third dose, it will be called a booster shot. “

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