Europe, Greece to fine people over 60 and are unvaccinated

In the southeastern European nation, Greece, individuals aged around 60 will get fined if they are not vaccinated. As per the reports, older individuals have to pay a fine of €50 in January if they are not vaccinated. If they still have not received their inoculation jabs in February, they have to pay the maximum amount of €100.

The Public Health Care System of the nation is working on the issue, and they have come to an end as the cases are increasing continuously and this is creating a complicated situation, so the government have made a decision to make it compulsory for all the older ones by charging a penalty if they are not yet vaccinated.

There is a shortage in the availability of vaccination appointments, which has created a sore point of view. A citizen of Greek mentioned, “On 11th January, I have booked a vaccination appointment as the dates were not available, so I got the date of 31st January. This is not my mistake that I didn’t get the appointment before 31st January, and now they will take the fine also for the delay.”

The medical officials that have not yet received the vaccination jabs have also told to discontinue the work and stay at the homes. Moreover, on Sunday, there were 10,783 new cases of the COVID-19 noticed. Meanwhile, there was an average percentage of 67% people were adequately vaccinated, and there is approximately 18,3 million doses of vaccines have been shared. On the other hand, there is a total count of 22,000 infected individuals who have been died because of getting affected by the COVID-19 infection since the pandemic has been started.

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