EU nations ships over 65,000 tonnes of heavy equipment to Ukraine

The delivery of 66,224 tonnes of in-kind aid to Ukraine from 30 nations has been orchestrated by the EU, according to a statement from the European Commission on Thursday.

In anticipation of a significant emergency, Ukraine turned on the EU Civil Protection Mechanism on February 15. On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine without warning.

One hundred eighty ambulances, 125 fire trucks, 300 power generators, 35 heavy machinery vehicles, and four pontoon bridges were provided as aid. With an estimated worth of more than €425 million thus far, the Commission claims that this is the biggest, most intricate, and longest operation through the Mechanism since it was formed in 2001.

Along with this, the Commissioner for Crises Management, Janez Lenarcic, mentioned in the statement, “We are all horrified by atrocities of Russia in war torn Ukraine. By providing emergency assistance, we can ease the immense pressure on Ukraine’s emergency response systems. Today we have reached an imperative milestone – over 60,000 tonnes of in-kind assistance coordinated via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism has arrived in Ukraine.”

Despite the fact that the EU’s member states are continually making new proposals to Ukraine, the demands of that country in the ongoing attrition war outweigh the help that is likely to be given. The military assistance, which the Commission does not specify, has helped Ukraine defend itself and, to some extent, changed the course of the war, but it has not yet been sufficient to hand Russia a crushing defeat.

Hospital beds and hygiene kits from Austria, an ambulance and medical equipment from Norway, shelter equipment from Finland, protective personal equipment from Germany, medications from Czechia and Slovakia, power generators from Italy, and energy supply equipment from France are among the most recent offers made to the civilian population through the Mechanism.


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