Europe logs 190 cases of West Nile Virus

In its most recent weekly report, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) notes that this year, the West Nile Virus has already infected nearly 190 persons in the EU.

The study, which was made public on Friday, states that 188 cases have been documented from the beginning of the transmission season in June through Wednesday. Moreover, the majority, 144, were in Italy, where 10 individuals lost their lives. Other infections were reported in Slovakia, Austria, Romania, Greece (39), and Greece (2). (1).

Serbia, an EU neighbour, has so far reported 34 illnesses and three fatalities.

Along with this, Mosquitoes and birds can carry the West Nile Virus, which can then spread to people. After contracting the infection, it often takes a few days for someone to get unwell. Some people have moderate flu-like symptoms such a fever, headache, and muscular pains, while the majority report no symptoms at all.

Only a very tiny minority can have life-threatening conditions including brain inflammation. There is no vaccine that offers protection.

The West Nile Virus transmission season typically lasts from June to November, according to the ECDC.

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