EU Health Commissioner announces about obtaining Danish made monkeypox vaccines

The third-generation monkeypox vaccine, produced by the Danish company Bavarian Nordic, has been acquired by the Commission, according to Stella Kyriakides, European Health Commissioner, who made the announcement on Monday. The EU has obtained over 54,530 doses of vaccines.

After making their initial purchase of EU vaccinations in late June, Member States now have more than 160,000 doses in their possession.

The Commissioner also mentioned that the number of cases in the EU had topped 7,000, an increase of about 50% from the week before.

To the six most affected Member States, the Commission has already supplied 25,000 vaccinations. Included in this is Belgium, which has gotten nearly 3,000 doses.

As of right now, 224 confirmed instances of monkeypox have been found in Belgium, with 76 of those cases being found in Brussels, according to the most recent statistics. The majority of cases were documented in men between the ages of 20 and 65.

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