Brussels: Ukrainian refugees staying in Ariane transit center urged to find another place to stay

The refugees from Ukraine who have been staying in the Ariane transit centre in the Brussels municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert for over a few days are urged to find another place to stay as soon as possible.

As long as the number of refugees does not decrease, the emergency reception for newcomers at the centre is temporarily being stopped, the federal Agency for the reception of asylum seekers Fedasil mentioned in a letter that sources were able to read.

Moreover, the situation in the Ariane transit centre has been known for some time, it is gradually becoming saturated because Ukraine are staying longer than expected. The need for extra manpower also contributed to the decision.

The representation for the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders, Joachim Deman shared the information, “Ariane was created as a transit centre. The intention is that refugees stay here for a few nights before a long-term solution is found from one of the regions.”

The war-torn Ukrainian refugees stay for more day than planned, for about one in four has been there longer than 25 days. “In principle, we can manage a situation in which our maximum capcity has been reached, as it is happening now- but the long stays make that difficult.”

This created additional psychological problems for the refugees, as well as a more permanent form of education and recreation, for example, is also needed for the Ukrainian children.

Along with this, Fedasil outlined that the refugees are not being escorted to the door, and that the letter is voluntary call. The spokesperson Lies Gillis stated, “The aim is to get the flow going, because it is too slow now. There must be room for new people.”

Furthermore, in the letter, Fedasil raised the question to Ukrainians to look for a new place to stay themselves, also because the Agency cannot refer refugees to enough concrete reception places.

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