Eight among ten of vaccinated would take booster shots if the opportunity arises: Report

The Grat Corona Study by the University of Antwerp depicts the information that eight out of ten young ones among the age group of 12-17-year-olds wanted to be vaccinated if they got the chance to get the booster shots.

Moreover, there are around 80 percent and a total of 79.4 percent of the grown-ups who have received their primary vaccination shot, and they would likely or will surely get the booster jab.

There is 11.6 percent of the individuals who have mentioned that they possibly get the vaccination shot, and on the other hand, there is nine percent of them who are not willing to get the vaccination they mentioned they are not going to get the booster shot.

The scientist stated, “So there are some of the individuals who are facing hesitation for getting the booster shot. The count are more than for the primary vaccination for younger ones.”

The Flemish Health Minister, Wouter Beke, declared that the region would start to provide the booster dose to the teenagers by their own consent.

42.5 percent of the parents of children under the age of 5 and to 11-year-old said their kid is already vaccinated. 11.2 per cent of them mentioned they would undoubtedly have their youngsters vaccinated, and 7.7 percent of them said maybe they would get their child vaccinated, 38.6 percent of them will not give permission for the vaccination.

The primary reason of the parents gave not vaccinating their young ones between the age of 5 to 11, including they do not think that the COVID-19 is much severe that can affect the children that are around 70 percent and they do not believe that their child can get sick from the infection (56 percent).

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