Belgium: COVID cases under control amid rise in hospitalizations

In Belgium, the cases of the COVID-19 variant is dropping at a rapid pace. The experts mentioned that the situation is under control. Looking at the latest data that the Sciensano Public Health Institute has provided depicts the information that the virus reproduction rate resumes to decrease.

A drop of 20 percent has been noticed, which is less than 1.

According to the data provided by the sources, it declared the information that the maximum number of individuals that have been infected by the variant of the COVID-19 from the people who were already infected from the virus as the Omicron variant is the most transmissible.

Currently, people are less likely to get infected. In Belgium, the epidemic has been reached to the ground. The new data that has been shared reflects the information that as the cases of the COVID-19 are decreasing, the infection has come to an end, and it shows the sign of progress of the nation as well as in the entire world.

Meanwhile, the average number of people has been infected by the cases of COVID between 26 January to 1 February was noticed as 38,081 on a per-day basis. Around 27 percent of patients have been decreased in the past few days. As per the information provided by the reports, there were only 15 percent of the test were carried out.

The rate of people getting positive for the test has also been showing a downward trend as well as now it has been reported as 43.9 of the people have been tested positive for the infection of the Omicron Variant.

Additionally, 4248 of the individuals are admitted to the health care centres, and there is a rise in the rates have been noticed of about 11 percent.

The hospitalization rates in the Intensive Care Unit have been increased to 430 (17 percent).

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