Belgium & Netherlands records new variant of HIV

In Belgium and Netherlands, the variant of HIV has come into existence and is observed as the most contagious, which can also direct towards AIDS faster as compared to the other variant of infections.

As per the information provided by British research, the variant of HIV has been spreading across the Netherlands for several decades and has been highlighted after more research and study on the variant that it is dangerous. Moreover, the data was collected for the analysis of Dutch patients who have HIV.

However, the rate of infection in the blood of the individuals are holding is around is 3.5 to 5.5 times much higher, said the experts from the Oxford University report in the scientific journal Science.

Approximately more than 15 individuals were carrying the latest variant in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, there is only one person with that virus in Belgium, and another one was noticed in Switzerland.

Additionally, the scientists mentioned there were over 100 individuals in which the variant was discovered. It was based on the changes in the genetic patterns. Furthermore, in the 1980s, the most dangerous virus was found.

The new variant of the virus can straight affect the immune system at the highest-rated, avoiding such a situation or preventing the condition. A timely diagnosis, as well as the start of the treatment in the beginning, is essential. On the other hand, if the variant gets identified, then it can be controlled with the help of the medicines as the different variants.

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