Belgium: workers have legal right to disconnect call or email after work

In Belgium, the legal right has been provided to the employees to disconnect the call after regular working hours. According to the law, only 65,000 federal workers will be able to avoid the calls and emails.

Moreover, this right has been provided to the Belgian civil servants, and by this regulation, Belgium has become the first nation in Europe that has given the right to the employees to disconnect the call of their bosses or heads.

On Tuesday, this law came into existence, and this includes around 65,000 federal officials can show that they are unavailable after the working hours of their jobs with a valid reason.

There are some of the methods that have been made by the government they wanted to expand the right towards the private-sector workers.

The Belgian minister for the public administration named Petra De Sutter expressed that the regulation was imperative for the individuals related to their availability after the working hours in their workplaces.

When people were working from home at the time when the COVID variant was increasing at a rapid pace, that situation has created a permanent change in the lives of the people.

During a recent survey related to remote working, over 84 percent of the residents, 40 percent of them are in managerial positions, mentioned that they wanted to resume work from home for more than two days or more than a week post-pandemic.

De Sutter stated if the individuals don’t have the right to disconnect. “The result will be stressful, and this is also a real disease for today.”

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