Inami release ‘My Medicines’ app to ease medical prescription

The National Institute for Health & Disability Insurance (Inami) has established the “My Medicines” application to make medical prescriptions easier to issue as well as to be used when required.

The app will give permission to easily view all of their medical prescriptions as well as order them in their pharmacy.

Moreover, the institute released a statement in which they mentioned, “The goal is to provide a handy way to prescribe medications without the need for paper.”

The application removes the requirement for a paper version of an electronic prescription to collect medication from a pharmacy as well as offers several other facilities to manage prescriptions and collect medications.

Along with this, users can securely consult their prescriptions in the application through the digital identifier programme. Inami shared the information in the statement, “At the pharmacy, all you have to do is show the prescription on the smartphone screen, in the app.”

“The pharmacist will scan the barcode and be able to locate and distribute the medication easily and quickly.”

In addition, MyMedicines also allows users to order medication with the pharmacist of their choice. The patient can also create a list of medications they require to get before going to the pharmacy among the available prescriptions.

For each prescribed drug, the user can determine whether they want to make it visible or not to the pharmacist. “This provides a guarantee of discretion as well as respect for privacy,” at last, Inami stated.

Furthermore, Inami is a federal public body under the authority of the Belgian Minister of Social Affairs as well as Public Health. It is responsible for administering the nation’s compulsory national schemes for health insurance as well as disability benefits and manages a compensation fund for medical accidents.

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