Conditions for an epidemic emergency in Belgium results ended

In Belgium, on Thursday, in the Parliament, it was decided the condition for an epidemic emergency in nation is no longer fulfilled.

The existence of an epidemic emergency is set out in the pandemic law and is declared by the King for a maximum number of three months. It can further be extended by this time period, which is done on the objective scientific data, after the advice from the Federal Health Minister, and after the consultation in the Council of Ministers as well as with the Regions.

Along with this, the home minister named Annelies Verlinden mentioned, “When we published the pandemic law, the outlook was positive. We had, therefore, hoped not to have to activate the law during this pandemic. Reality proved otherwise, and the epidemic emergency was declared in October 2021.”

“Today, more than four months later, we can close this chapter. I am pleased that Parliament has voted to end the epidemic emergency. We go into spring with a good feeling.”

Annelies Verlinden has shared the tweet, which reads, “In October, we declared an epidemic emergency. Today we are closing this chapter. I want to thank the individuals, including the police and local authorities, who gave their best in the past period, and everyone who complied with the measures.”

On the other hand, the announcement of the emergency situation indicates that Belgium can take the measures that are “Important, appropriate, proportionate and limited in time” to prevent or to limit the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic in the nation and allows the governor and the mayors to take the additional measures if the local conditions needed it.

Meanwhile, in the light of the betterment of the current situation in the health care centre, especially in the ICUs, which also came out in Belgium issuing of the Code Yellow as well as easing up the regulations, experts mentioned that “all criteria for the existence of an as set out in th

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