Brussels prosecutors demand bicycle thief to face imprisonment

In Brussels, the prosecutor has demanded one-year prison charges for a 20-year-old man as he was suspected of stealing and selling bicycles because he wanted to earn for a living.

Moreover, in October month, in the Surveillance camera, all the incidents were captured, a man was stealing almost four bicycles from consecutive three days from the Halle train station, as per the reports shared by the sources.

The prosecutor mentioned, “In the video, we can see the same man every time. His appearance is the same, wearing the same clothes (including dark jacket) and the similar dark sneakers with the unique stripes.”

Just after his last stealing, a police officer observed the man that he was just similar to the man was in the video, and he was wearing the same clothes and shoes. After the man was under arrest, they discovered a pair of bolt cutters with him.

Additionally, the owners of the bicycles have complained against the bicycle theft, but at that time, the police officers didn’t give preference to the complaint that was made by all of the individuals. There was a decrease in the case of the bicycles

According to the statistics, in 2009, the number of bicycle thefts in Belgium was recorded as that is declining since the cases were reached on the highest level of 39,304.

Apart from this, the man confirmed that he had made three robberies of the bicycle, but as per the information provided by the video, he was going to perform his fourth theft, but the police caught him as they had an eye on him.

As per the information provided by the man’s lawyer, “He has not made the robbery of the two or three bicycle from the station. No one can recognize him if he is the same person who is in the video that has been captured on the camera.”

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