Brussels: Police arrests two suspects over selling stolen cars abroad

In Brussels, on 28th January, Friday two suspects were under arrest as they both were stealing cars and were selling those cars abroad, as per the police officer.

According to the sources, on Friday, the anti-robbery brigade (AOB) of the Brussels Capital Ixelles police zone has got the details about the number of vehicles that was parked in the lot on the border of Laken and Vilvoorde.

The police mentioned, “When the officers checked the car and the information, they discovered that all of them were stolen.”

“Our people started to have an eye on them. After some passage of time, we were going to arrest one of the suspects as he was heading towards the stolen car, and the second one was also under arrest nearby the house where both the suspects were living.”

The police started searching for the evidence in their apartment. There were more keys discovered of the other stolen cars, including jammers that are used to block the automatic locking system of the vehicles.

According to the information provided by the police authorities, both of the men arrested are part of a professional gang that steals and ship vehicle (mostly cars) to the customers who gave an order before. “Mostly the cars of the brand, including Mazda and Toyota, as they are more in demand in our nation and abroad.”

“There were two Mazda cars that were stolen found and also a third Mazda with a fake number plate. The fourth one is not yet investigated, so there is not much information related to that car. In the back seat, there were fake number plates.”

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