Belgium: COVID-19 cases under contol since Christmas

In Belgium, the maximum number of cases of the COVID-19 has been showing a downward trend for the first time since Christmas, but the circumstances of people getting admitted to the hospital resume to increase.

On Wednesday, around 46,481 new cases were recorded of the COVID-19 infection on a daily basis. Moreover, the decrease in the cases has been observed after the Sciensano Public Health Institute has provided the figures.

The percentage that has been noted as the cases of COVID-19 has been decreased is 6 percent.

On 24th January, Monday, an official report noticed that more than 73,000 infections had been reported, but the majority of the cases have been decreased gradually.

Meanwhile, on 23rd January Tuesday, there are approximately 23,000 cases of people getting infected have been variant of the COVID-19 were registered. Ninety-nine percent of the patients affected in Belgium is from the Omicron variant.

The maximum number of the PCR test that has been taken on a per-day basis has been declined from -2 percent to around 112,142.

The individual getting positive has been decreased slowly for the first time in the week and now have been registered as 45.5 percent, which means that half of the test that has been taken on is positive.

The casualties that have been mentioned per day has also been raised.

Throughout a similar time, there is a count of 27 individuals who face casualties because of the COVID-19 infection, which has been noticed by 3 percent daily.

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Belgium has been registered with 29,083 infections.

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