Walloon forest: Three deer died from the attacks of stray dogs in same month

In the Brussels-Capital Region, in the Walloon forest ranger Nicolas Bronchain, a deer died because of a heart attack after being chased by a dog. As per the sources, three deer died from the stray dogs’ attack in the same month.

A week later, after the incident, the ranger got a call from the people as they saw a dog was hunting some animal around Château de La Hulpe and as Bronchain found that deer, the animal was half dead and half alive, there were marks on his body, and was not moving as he was paralyzed due to the attack.

On January 6, the walkers alerted Mr Bronchain about the incident that they found a deer that was dying. The ranger found the hints as there were some animal footprints in that area and was trying to run. At the same time, he saw the deer that was with marks on his body, especially on the neck. The people who were walking down the forest range shared that they heard the sound of the dog.

Meanwhile, according to the information provided, two more attacks happened on the deer by the stray dogs in Sonian Forest, which Wallonia manages. There was a horse that was running in the forest chasing by the dogs, and the horse also threw the rider while running. In the middle of December, two dogs were hunting down a deer, but the ranger could be able to find it.

Last year, the manager shared the information that the major issue in the Sonian Forest in Brussels is dogs. The majority of the deer are getting extinct in the forest, as it has been noticed since the last two months that they are getting chased by the dogs. The count of the deer is getting decreased because of the dogs.

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