Brussels parks, forests showing severe signs of weakening due to climate change

Several trees in Brussels parks and forests are showing severe signs of weakening, which, per the municipality, is a consequence of climate change. Particularly Parc Duden, Parc Forest as well as the Abbaye de la Cambre Garden are affected.

The parks in Brussels are going through the drought. Some of the trees started losing their leaves the previous month, and others required to be pruned or even cut down for safety reasons.

A parasite, the haplopore, was discovered at the base of the tree. The risk of fracture because of this fungus is real as well as, as per to those in the know, which is a solution that should be found quickly.

At the start of this week, a 120-year-old ash tree in the park of Abbaye de Forest had to be drastically pruned as well as the area at its base had to be secured with fences to prevent accidents if part of this tree fell.

Along with this, a parasite, the haplopore, was found at the tree’s base. The risk of fracture because of the fungus is read as well as, as per those in the know, a solution should be found quickly.

As per the municipality, this is not a municipality, and this is not an isolated case. A large maple tree, also in the Abbaye gardens, had to be fenced, partly because it is affected by a fungus that causes wood rot but also shows signs of rot as well as cracks at the base of the trunk.

Alain Mugabo, Alderman for Green Spaces, mentioned in the press release, “In the plans for the redevelopment of green spaces, we are calling for the introduction of new species that are more resistant to periods of intense drought.”

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